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✿ arts by nipuni and shilin.

from the second chapter of Tsubasa WoRLD CHRoNiCLE


by *daniellieske

Countdown to Tsubasa WoRLD CHRoNiCLE: 1 day left.

in this world of lost moments i begin my life anew;

In the entire history of humanity, there’s no one else who’s done more harm than you. I got to make you disappear. You’re someone who can’t be allowed to remain in this world.

                        What the hell were you even thinking? 

Mycenaean daggers, made of silver and gold

Found in shaft graves 4-7 in Grave Circle A, 1550-1500 B.C.

  • The Mycenaeans were a war-like race
  • These were objects of art, not intended for use.

Nutella Strawberry Croissants

Dolce & Gabbana at Milan Fashion Week Spring 2014